KOTA The Friend Pasadena Lyrics

[Kota the Friend:]

Money power I’m watching ’em get devoured

We dodging the devil’s offers I’m wallowin’ in the flowers

It’s sunny like every morning, good morning in California

I’m staying in Pasadena away from all of the nausea

Above it all, I’m asking for nothing more

Than peace of mind, and in return I’ll keep it 100 raw

Out the sun roof, doin’ 90 like fuck the law

And all the hatred they be sending to me I brush it off

I know it got you vexed cause you doubted me

I know you got it out for me

But know a lot of people in this motherfucker count on me

To be the voice of reason and be the person I’m bout to be

I should want revenge but yo it’s not what it’s about for me

Life above the politics flattered by every compliment

Used to be suicidal I’m happy that I’m alive and shit

JFK to LAX, call before I’m flying in

Sailing on the ocean of possible ’til I’m diving in

[Asher Roth:]

Amazed how one day I feel great, the next hazy

No wonder I feel crazy, wonder if they hear me praying

Laying ass for ambition, clarity understanding

Feeling like I’m not a man, they say when you lose a pair

And apparently I ain’t there yet, living a life inherited

Glaring with many errors, farewell as far as fair is

But the fairest in the land, a question I ain’t caring

Embarrassment to them, maybe it’s all a plan

I feel I should just split to position of more patience

Reason for the frustration, travel to many places

On the way to Pasadena just to see the scenery

Hope to see the same in me, but where you go there you be

Stay or leave, A or B, I believe it’s meant to be

Take a break to shake the bees, hope the vision will increase

It ain’t easy being being, seems to be one of defeat

Hope to see you when I reach where those two sides meet

Until then