KOTA The Friend Open On Sunday Lyrics

It’s a fucked up generation

Every good thing come in complications

I just wanna love you like, we ain’t gotta worry like

I ain’t seein’ blurry like

I know that it’s real and you really give a whole fuck

You don’t see me different when the dough comes

Or switch up your decision when it slows up

When everybody flee, you the only one that don’t run

Instead you move in close up

It’s hard to give you everything ’cause I ain’t ever did that

Tell me how I’m feelin’ man I’m feelin’ like that shit whack

Admittin’ that I’m trickin’ yo that shit is for the weak

Rather dub you, hit a shorty, get a nut, that’s how I get back

Lately I just wanna move different

I’m kinda closed off but who isn’t

You been sayin’ I’m too distant

And when it come to women I usually lose interest

But I don’t feel the same now, I just wanna lay down

And listen to you talk about your trauma

And be a place where you can get away from all the drama

Give each other pieces of the things we got a lot of

One of us is lackin’ shit or [?]

And grow out of the insecure way

‘Cause I fuck with you in more ways than one

I don’t really wanna run, I don’t wanna get away

I don’t wanna leave your side, can we make it through this rain

What is on the other side, I just really wanna know

Are you stayin’ for the ride?

Is it really you and me?