KOTA The Friend Momma Freestyle Lyrics

A nigga live simple

If you done wrong I ain’t holding it against you

Praying lil KOTA avoiding the shit I been through

Washing my sins in a river I never tell you a lie

If you fallin imma tell you to rise

Wings workin I compel you to fly

This society is fucked up

Everyone doing a lot of nothin much

Women feel inadequate niggas jus tryna bust nuts

People you empower to lead don’t give enough fucks

Old slave money in some white kids trust fund ugh

On the outskirts never hear an outburst

Never find me in an aisle praising in a loud church

People diggin for gold but only found dirt

I just go with the flow and let the loud burn

Misguided if money is how you count worth

That’s the kind of thinking that get a lot of these clowns murked

I hope the child learns