KOTA The Friend Melvin’s Interlude Lyrics

“He was in the Vietnam war (oh). He had shell shock they call it. The effects of being in the war; what you see being in the military. The things that you go through: the drugs, the alcohol, killing, seeing your friends die and not being able to cope.”

“But he would always come here to sit and talk to my-. He sat and came to [?]. All the the time, all the time. [?] fed him, [?] would clothe him, give him hats from p. [?]. Make him sit on the chair after she feed him and tell him to go to sleep, take a nap- a rest. And around that time we would come home. He loved [?], he loved [?]. I think because she was the opposite of his own mother. Mhm. That was a good time.”