KOTA The Friend For Colored Boys Lyrics

You was born in a hospital with incompetent doctors who didn’t bother to press you against your mother’s chest

But that’s okay ’cause Jehovah say that your mother blessed

And we are here to guide you through life

And teach you what is best

Do not have your kids in a hospital, they don’t give a fuck

Especially ’bout black folk

Learn how to deliver your own kids

And have ’em at home, kid

And leave that placenta attached as long as you want, kid

It’s different for black boys

Harder for black girls

Start your own business venture

Thrive in a black world

Where you and your homies don’t gotta worry ’bout gettin’ fired and facin’ discrimination

We are creators; we don’t go beggin’ for placement where we are not wanted

And I’mma keep it a hunnid youngin’ we used to be hunted

They had us sittin’ in zoos

So what you see in the news

Is really nothin’ that’s new

They really targetin’ you

You hear me talkin’ to you?

But even if your bread straight

Big house, nice car, gotta keep your head straight

People that be gossipin’ constantly only dead weight

Wiser assessments of situations will carry you to your best days

Put away a portion of your profit when you get paid

And do not be afraid of change

It could be a segue

To a better something

But have patience

And always make time for family and celebration

And every good thing in life requires dedication

Like career, wife, kids, and it’s spiritual

The point of our existence isn’t physical

Make sure there is love in your livin’ room

And make sure that you there for the ones that you give it to

And grudges’ll do you no good

Life is too short to be stressin’

Love your friends for who they are

If they there when you’re down

Then you should keep ’em around

And then return that favor tenfold

Everything you hidin’ will be exposed

So you should probably keep it a thousand youngin’ and let go

Embrace humiliation it’s humblin’

And take every situation for what it is

Love is free so don’t be possessive

Love is a combination of lettin’ go and holdin’ tight

You’ll learn when to do which

And get more love than you know what to do with

And you gon’ make mistakes ’cause homie you only human

But that ain’t no excuse to be foolish

Treat your woman with respect

That means keepin’ it real

Keepin’ her in your mind

If you about to be stupid

Just think about how she feel

Be honest with yourself

Put your ego on the shelf

And I promise you it helps

You ain’t gotta be what they expect

Get to scrubbin’ when you make a mess

And treat your daughters same as your sons

We growin’ out of double standards

Speakin’ of standards

Let’s move away from the European

Tell her she’s beautiful

Wide nose, coarse hair, brown eyes, brown skin

Self-love for the win

Why conform to a society that hates you

And spent all they energy tryna break you?

Now they thinkin’, “y’all niggas still here?”

Yeah, and y’all still scared

Black boys still strong

Slavery’s still here

Black boys still marked

The prisons is still packed

With innocent black boys

The black boys still thrive

The black girls still God