KOTA The Friend Bye Bye Baby Lyrics

I do it for my haters

Kicked me at my low, doubted me but now they see the growth

I hope you see me shining, I’m waving, the view amazing

The clarity like some Lasik, the look on these niggas faces

Issa Kodak moment, hold that dope shit

Jaw drop, drop yo whole spliff

Find me on the explore, shawty had to block me on the gram

But her sister always vibing to my shit next door

You can’t escape it, and I ain’t finna stop until I make it, or die

As long as I’m alive I be damned if I give em the satisfaction of seeing me decline

By these W’s is how I am defined, I’m getting mine

It’s a Tarantino revenge flick

The real niggas is proud of me in the end kid

I used to be the black sheep but now I rap heat like grandma’s blanket

I be the family favorite