KOTA The Friend Autumn Lyrics

When I’m out in Dallas people film me when I’m in the mall

“Kota is it possible to get a flick” I be like “Yeah”

When I’m in my hood OG stops me

And tells me “Kota keep on doing good

Everybody proud, and your time coming soon”

When I’m with my family they be sayin’

“Avery should I call you Kota? Did I blow your cover”

I be like “Ha ha ha”

When I’m with my mommy she don’t see me different

She just see me happy, guess that’s kinda different

She know that I came a long way

Got time on that G train, bus stop, below zero

Y’all was rockin’ that North Face

I had hoodie, top of hoodie, top of hoodie

Price tags my worst fear, now I could shop like I work there

But I save up for my firstborn

So he good good when I’m gone gone

That fame shit, that’s fake shit

You look at them like you ain’t shit

They bleed red, they shit brown

But we like “Wow, they famous, like wow”

I used to wanna wear that crown

Hometown hero, now I hope I don’t get famous in my town

I like walking down DeKalb

Where they treat me like I’m just another nigga in the crowd

‘Til I buy your fucking block, tell Columbus to get out

When it’s autumn in New York and I just wanna walk around

Hear that sound, like yeah