Kingdom Come Too Late Lyrics

You’re the one, who hides behind your own disguise

You think one of you belongs in every home

I’m the one you blinded, when we were alone

You can’t see it’s just for you I sing this song

Even though you’re crying now, you don’t know why

It’s obvious, the harmony is already gone

Can’t go back, we’re wasting time the deed is done

See you later, I don’t need you hanging on

Too late, I know your name

We just have lost the spark you played, heavyweight

Much too late, there is no more time, you know

You’re not so precious, that I can’t let go

Constantly assuring me that I’m the one

While you telling others what a fool I am

Now you finally figuered out, that you were wrong

Can’t undo the scars, but now the pain is gone

The well is dry, time to say good bye

You did me wrong, thought I play along

I want out, now, cause you’re not what I need

Get away, get away, no one like you is gonna make me bleed

The fire is gone, we’ve lost the spark

Now I know your name