Killer mike home of the brave lyrics

[Big Boi]
Its going all the way down
Aquemeni Records, Killer Mike, Slimm Calhoun
Just because your wearing a Braves' jersey
doesn't mean we on the same team you playin' on bitch
Cool and Dre on the track, run it
[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
Since last heard I'm still Randy Moss
and I still catch a beat runnin' when its tossed
and often light green kiss my ass to coffin
Cut the bull in Harlem on sloughths(?) and
cut the bull then I'm seven duece Impala whore dance
Ambidexterious juggle pretty girls and they friendly fifty friends
hit Jamacia rollin' papers turning up spotta benz
City corners I've been in a duece double O three Benz
I'm sittin' on those dubs twins
I'm from the city where kiddies ride on dope rims
It's where niggaz snap shot and they ain't takin' pictures mista
I'm well equipped to hit ya', same birthday as Hitler
I'll getcha

[Chorus: x2]
Hey we rep that A
A T L A N T A state of G A
G A G A home of the brave
home of the brave G A G A
home of the brave

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
I got a Tahoe, and a Tahoe
she work out fit like Taebo
Get my findy(?) Air Force Ones
shit wait I'm so old
Last one to Louie Fitoine skins on my timbo's
Gettin' blown in a limo, that's my M.O.
Roll next presidential, get a pistol to your temple
I'll let it faint, leave your brain lingering in limbo
Southern fried that's how I ride, creed on simple
Kill 'em all let God seperate good from evil
You faggots do it for glory
Y'alls just do it for my people
I'm grand national built beautiful and legal


[Verse 3: Slimm Calhoun]
A town down Braves started cap from the land of the made
ain't no hard atrap after depts of the dungeon
We livin' artifacts where niggaz rip chickens
talk bricks, keep an artist strapped
Flame throwers got us hot in the spot
wreckin these dog tails through red dog stripe
It's like all hell, block cells
make bail and it's back to these crooks and cakes jumpin' at next cell
What you know about the way the whales
kiss it your body scaled
I'm 'bout to hit by the box of tens through the mail
then reply beaten twelve sickness spinnin' on twenty-ones
We produce many guns, we spittin' at anyones
Disrespect (?) little bows
and I'll cock and explode up
Take me to the grave, grave, home of the brave


[Killer Mike]
So slums, so sligh, nigga (i'm) straight ducked
you can ask my baby's mother she'll tell you niggaz shit
He the type to fuck a bitch
rob that bitch's baby brother

[Slimm Calhoun]
And I'm the type to rip ya bitch leave the shit up under your covers
(?) blessing from sin
New recrutes we in it again
rap so hard we flippin' again
walkin' dubs on the benz

[Killer Mike]
One, two, crack fiend
three on boys street jeans
Four full blown hit the scene
five like trap (?)
Like a thick hoe in sassy jeans
rub her right she'll cream
Fuck her right moan and scream
killer kill out on (?)

[Slimm Calhoun]
Swervin', servin', bouncin' the buttons
like 5 5 9 truck somethin'
Two glock nines round dumpin'
round my hip strap ain't jumpin'
Keep my bitch dunkin' somethin'
be outlawed bangin' 'em down for bustin'

[Chorus repeat to fade]