Killer Mike Follow Your Dreams Lyrics

[Intro, spoken]

The world fears a person with a dream.

Because to have a dream gives you the ambition to wanna fulfill wanna that dream

And if you live your life fulling that dream, you’re gonna glow man.

Because there’s a magnificence in the moment that comes with fulfilling you dream that you can’t achieve being a part of someone else’s


Follow your dreams no matter what people may say.

They gonna talk they gonna front they gonna hate at the end of the day its between you and God cause you know what it takes

Follow my dreams and get right back down, two steps forward three steps back round.

They keep pulling, I’m pushing, I’m shoving, they showing no love – oh God I need you right now

[Verse 1]

You got famous your love came back up, that’s insane

The same as you must be to be in this game

In this game you suffer, hit strangers

Like Usain you bolt towards your dream

But haters speak disdain

Know my name and your name

But one thing’s for sure man

Success is a sickness and there ain’t no cure, man

Cure all is work hard and don’t take no tours off

And even on off days you came back like you’re off

The payoff is tenfold in dollars and euros

Pitfalls of vanity, pride, and your ego

Just let go and live up to your full potential

What they say is hearsay, it’s inconsequential

But naysayers say no, but they are so simple

That they judge appearances and can’t touch the mental

They are sheep, they follow shepherds of men

Or Malcolm, or Martin; I follow my plan


[Verse 2]

Do it for family, but they don’t believe

That dreams that you have can even be achieved

Get ready young sailor, here’s rough on the seas

Can’t let no doubt or self-pity drown me

It’s design when you sign and the vultures appear

And if you should succeed, it gets worse by the year

But the worse curse is failure, it kills by the day

Watch your dreams and ambitions as they fade away

See, my curse is I’ll verse in these verses I verse

Will still be overlooked like a body in hearse

But this Lazarus rap and this is my rebirth

And no paper, just my dream on verse

The boot lady told me she dreamed I was cursed

Told her, if you can’t tell I returned to Earth

Returned to the dirt, returned to the essence

Cause no weapon formed that gives me a succession


[Outro, spoken]

I hope you’ve learned about the business of chasing your dreams out there.

I hope you’re chasing your dreams ’till you’re exhausted, ’till your feet hurt, ’till your bones ache,

and ’till you get it, you’re hoping that you won’t let it go.

I want this to be more than good music to you, I hope it’s inspiration for you.

Chad Butler told me a few years back, “fight for your dream, Michael, like a drowning man fightin’ for air.”

[Hook x2]