Killer Mike A.D.I.D.A.S. Lyrics

Pussy nigga what you doin’

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown]

(All day I dream about…)

(All day I dream about sex)

The way you move your sexy groove

I’ve got my mind all over you

(All day I dream about…)

(All day I dream about sex)

You say you were so sick of it

I’m tired of jackin’ off cause you ain’t there

[Verse 1: Big Boi]

65 Cevrolet Ipala peachy cream

Cruisin’ down the street like two fingers

Cause the ivory is clean

Talkin’ ’bout meetin’ at the MC room

On the inside of the ship

Not a honey dip to hunt on

Cause she mobile than a grip

Or the Blue Man Group

Caught out on the Vegas Strip

Tell em’ a good game, juju pimpin’

Give em’ to my nigga Dime Legit

Boss lips, legs, arms, necks

Hip dips, hair net, mo’ stretch

It’s a camel toe and thats fo’ sho

My brain is on one track

Like Mary Mary toss for crackle like a rock star does for smack

None of that but the female genatalia’s where it’s at

I’m a man and I demand a WO-man for that act

Personal preference cause I use the law of nature as a reference

No I don’t ever recall seein’ a man turn up pregnant

But that’s just me

From them female fantasies frolic freely

In my cock pit, every 30 some seconds I can’t stop it


[Killer Mike]

Killer Kill from Adamsville and in a Bonneville I chill

Heffers call me Black-N-Decker, I don’t screw them hoes I drill

I’ve been cuttin’ cute lil’ coochies since before the record deal

Catch me daydreamin’ ’bout them, thick, medium, or slim

Doctors call the thing vagina, in the hood we call it trim

White boys call it snatch, Puerto Ricans call it chocha

Nathaniel likes his white, I like mine dark as cola

It’s the first thing on my mind in the morn’ when I roll over

All men young or old in the end it’s what we after

Even my grandpappy’s happy, he got prescribed Viagra

Grandaddy, grandaddy what’s happenin’

What’s up, what’s up this me

Hey let me get about three of them blue diamonds

I promise I got you tomorrow


[Killer Mike]

When I drill, I don’t spill, even if she’s on the pill

Keep my weapon covered, concealed, and in a shield

Cause I dont need that A-I-D-S

A D and an A missin’ out my ADIDAS

PLUS, We don’t need no DNA mixin’ between us

We just need to keep this thing friendly and hush hush

On the down low, like R. Kelly and youngsters

But over eighteen only cause baby I’m no perv

From the tour bus to the lobby, elevator to the room

We can jump each others bones but there’s no jumpin’ brooms

[Big Boi]

Buffoon you are too consumed in the womb

It is too early for you to jump the broom, BOOM