Jr roy jones yahoo lyrics

If you're a gutta ass nigga
Bout ya butta
Let me hear ya holla
Now if ya still chasing dollars
Let me here you niggaz holla
Now if you love to get your thug on
Let me hear ya holla
Now if you love to get your thug on
Let me hear ya holla

[Teddy Wheat]
I gotta get that dough
I just gotta get me a lil bit more
I'm a fiend for the bread, so the Ted is out for the cash flow
I like them nasty hoes, them hood rats, them ghetto women
I'm a ghetto hustla, so yea dog I'm ghetto pimpin
I fuck wit niggaz who fuck with thugs, fuck with
niggaz that fuck wit drugs
Pop slugs, fuck wit niggaz ain't scared to bust you up
By word or mouth, you heard about the dirty South
Well I'm a Pensacola Gangsta, motherfucker, with a dirty mouth
We got them haters heads spinning like Sprewells
And while you hater trippin, Body Head winning ya'll females
Dawg, I hit the spot and I'm ready to get my club on
Looking for something rub on, spend a few dubs on


Give me a ten dollar bill and watch me flip it to 100
All you other niggaz getting blunted
My niggaz on the grind
Tryin make a million before I'm 30
I'm up early ready to get my hands dirty
With some parafanailia, contrband
Looking for some illegal
I'm your man
Got a bad habbit for money
I need to kept it by the lump sum
Mentality, military you sure you want some
I'll make a midget out of a 7 foot nigga
A 3” blade with seven shots to the liver
I was born and bread in the worst of the clubs
Roamed in rumors, thugged in clubs
I'll hustle in front the county jail if the block pop
Mutha fuck a pig I'm a thug I got my thang cocked
Niggaz stuck up in the game
See all my niggaz huntin and the chase don't change


Well nigga guess who's back the fat villain in black
Smash ya face wit a bat
Gizzy be killin you cats
I'm on a grind for the stacks
Steadily busting my gat
That's how I got where I'm at
I hustled til the day crack
I kept the feinds coming back
The streets is mean
Where I'm at that's why my heart so cold
That's why a nigga so bold
Stay high mean mugging
Tote a black four-four
Keep a chip on my shoulder
Ask me I don't know if I tell you
I have to kill you
Dead niggaz don't speak
Call me quick draw Mcgraw
I dare you motherfuckers
Reach a brutal lesson I will teach
Leave ya blood in the streets
You cotton candy niggaz
Sweet only thug over beats