John cena my slime is now lyrics

The time is up my time is now
Kids Choice awards my slime is now
Its the big show, and I'm hostin' now
Kids choice awards my slime is now
Get ready to scream, let's go now
Seein' green, yeah, you know now
March 11th surpris'iest kids choice show now
The big host doing slime bid'ness, I live this
Green on everyone, I'm in this slime the whole place till finished
The master give me slime and I'm cuttin'
You should call me sir prize, cuz you can't see me comin'
I'm bringin' the unexpected, in this show you can't miss
Everyone will be sayin' "oh my gosh you see this!"
Night of the stars, and hardy har har's, look it's JoJo Siwa,
Oh yeah, the night is all ours,
Greatest show ever, it can't get better cuz this is kids choice
Music, movies and more including' this sweater
KCA, KCA, you gotta be here surpris'iest, slimiest night of the year
The time is up, my slime is now
And guess what first surprise is now
Did you ever think I'd slime a cow
Kids Choice awards my slime is now