Jhene Aiko New Balance Lyrics

Most of us are angry

Most of us are strangely

More alike than we’d like to believe

Most of us are empty

Most of us are simply

More alive in the scenes of our dreams

Then there’s you

You’ve got something I’ve been wanting, oooh

You’re so new


You’re my salvage, you’re my balance, oooh

You’re so new

Most of us are hurting

Most of us are searching

Someone to love

Someone to understand

Most the time I’m fighting

Multiple voices residing

In my head

Then there’s you

You bring silence to my violent truth

Yes you do


You’re my salvage, you’re my balance, oooh

You’re so new

It hit me like a tidal wave

Knew that I was in love with you right away, yeah

Turned all my days into brighter days

Even when people say what we do is not okay

According to what the people say, yeah

Who cares what other people say?

Man fuck what other people say

I’ma ride for you

Baby, if you gon’ ride for me

Cause I know, yes I know

That what we have is oh so real

And oh I feel so confident in

All you say

When you say

You’ll never leave

You’ll never leave

Please never leave

Yeah, I believe you

Yes, I do

Most of all I am thankful

You are just what I prayed for

You are what I was made for

Yes, I’m for sure

Most of all

I just want to mean the most to you

Most of all, baby, I’m just tryna grow with you

I just wanna go with you

Cause you bring so much hope to the picture

Some of us do find the one

To fall in love

And off of the

Fucking face of the Earth with

Some of us do deserve it

A love that’s true and perfect

Some of us been through it all before

Some of us do still come back for more