Jerry Lee Lewis Rockin’ My Life Away Lyrics

I lived 14, 95 and 19, 48

I throwed a rock and roll party on my last birthday

But it’s good, ’cause I’m rockin’ my life away

My name is Jerry Lee Lewis

And I’m durned sure here to stay

I said streamline, fleetline, or military brass

You know the general’s daughter

But The Killer’s top class

Oh, I’m rockin’

Hey, I’m rockin’ my life away

Hey! I love to Rock ‘N’ Roll

And I’m here

And I’m here to stay


Play it Jimmy!


Well, ya better get up off your humper

Don’t you know that’s what I think

‘Cause I’m a mean piano-mother-humper

Shakin’ off my fingers and rockin’

Honey, my life away-e


Lord knows, Jerry Lee Lewis is here to stay


I said rock

They call it Rock n’ Roll, baby

Rock n’ Roll

It’s here to stay

I really don’t, really don’t, really don’t

Give a damn what they say

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

It’s good enough for Jerry Lee

Great Ball of Fire, mama

Hang it in with me

Oh, I’m here to stay

Jerry Lee, he heats, Louisiana, Mississippi

Makes no difference, Tennessee

Oh Lord!