Jerry Lee Lewis Ride Me Down Easy Lyrics

Ride me down easy Lord ride me on down leave word in the dust where I lay

Say I’m easy to come easy to go and easy to love when I stay

This old highway she’s hotter than nine kinds of hell

The rides they’re as scare as the rain

When you’re down to your last shop with nothing to sell

And too far away from the trains

It’d been the good month of Sundays and a guitar to go

Had a tall drink of yesterday’s wine

Left the long string of friends some sheets in the wind

And some satisfied women behind

So won’t you ride me down easy…

Put a snow on the mountain raised hell on the hill lot horns of the devil himself

Where the rodeo bum a son of a gun and a hobo with stars in his crown

So won’t you ride me down easy…

So won’t you ride me down easy…