Jerry Lee Lewis Pee Wee’s Place Lyrics

There’s a jumpin’ little joint out in West Nashville

If the barbecue don’t get you where the music will

It’s called Pee Wee’s Place and they’re open from nine till dawn

If you drop by, brother, there’s some shakin’ goin’ on

We get all kinds of people as the night goes on

Rednecks and the hippies, both are right at home

Politicians, truck drivers, factory workers too

You can be a cop out here don’t matter what you do

We gotta four piece band and we play real loud country soul

While rockin’ and we be so proud

Let me play and sing, do what we want to do

Oh, the crowd all love us when we’re rockin’ boogie woogie too

Let me rock it for you now

Hey, go, hey, hey, in other words by the bar

And drink corn liquor from an old fruit jar

That’s what it’s all about whip this little yo yo

Well, he just got out of jail, the boy’s movin’ kind of slow

Blow your harp, boy

Pee Wee’s place raising hell, he thinks the band is too loud

He’s a bitchin’ too much ’cause he’s drawing a crowd

Pulling a lot of good music and a whole lot of shaking going on

Out at Pee Wee’s Place where you can get it all night long

Play your guitar, son

Oh, let it roll, let it roll, all night long

Let it roll, let it roll, all night long

Let it roll, let it roll, all night long

Give it to me, give it to me all night long

Come on now give it to me all night long

Boogie Woogie going to get you and if that ain’t good enough

Jerry Lee’s going to show you how to get real tough

Out at Pee Wee’s Place, we’re hangin’ in all night long

Hey, give it to me, baby, there’s some sha-sha-shaking going on

Give it to me now, go