Jerry Lee Lewis Lyrics

Jerry Lee Lewis I’m Feeling Sorry Lyrics

I told a little lie, baby, I made you cry

That’s why I’m feeling blue

I’m feeling sorry, I lied to you

I took your little heart, I tore it all apart

And now I’m missin’ you

I’m feeling sorry, I couldn’t be true

I should have known better

I should have been truer

I know that you’re blue but baby I’m bluer

Now I’ve got a little heart that’s broke all apart

And now I’m wanting you

I’m feeling sorry and missin’ you

I put a tear or two in your eyes of blue

I wasted your true love

And now I’m sorry, just a fool in love

You were the one for me but I felt fancy free

That’s why I’m hurting so

I’m feeling sorry, I didn’t know

You offered me true love but I didn’t take it

One way that you forgive me but I’ll never make it

Ooh, I hope to find a way, baby, to make you stay

But I know I’ll never win

I’m feeling sorry, I’m just a friend

I’m feeling sorry, I’m just a friend

I’m feeling sorry, that I’m just a friend