Jerry Lee Lewis Lyrics

Jerry Lee Lewis Big Legged Woman Lyrics

Big legged woman

Keep your dresses down

You’ve got something baby

That’ll make a fool dog a hound

Big legged mama


Keep your dresses down

I swear honey

You got somethin’ up under there

Mmmmmmm, that makes me wanna

Lay it down a ha ha ha

Little break now

She rolls in her bedding

Like she rolls her biscuit dough

She lay down so easy

Till she got to have some more

Oh big legged mama

Ooooh, keep your dresses down

Don’t stop me now mama

You’ve got somethin’ baby

Mmm, make a fool dog a hound

Well, yeah

Oooh, look who’s callin’, lookit here

Well, let me tell ya tell ya tell ya somethin’

What I’m talking’ about

I bet my bottom dollar

There ain’t a cherry in this house

Oh, big legged mama

Keep your dresses down

Mmm, if’n I don’t stop drillin on ya baby

You’re gonna lose your nightgown

It’s a hit!