Jerry Lee Lewis Lyrics

Jerry Lee Lewis Baby Hold Me Close Lyrics

Now listen here baby to what old Jerry Lee has to say

Cause baby Jerry don’t talk this nonsense to everyone

I want you to get out on this dance floor with me now

And now hold me close baby hold me close

In a tumbled move baby you move too

Baby you move me girl oh hold me close yeah

Mhm baby hold me close don’t you move your feet

Just a move it slow baby to that old rockin’ beat

And don’t you say a word mhm honey just just hold me close

Oh baby hold me close dance the night away

Honey I want you to just breathe a little deep mhm you know what to say

Mhm when the band is gone honey we can still rock on

Easy now honey hold me close honey hold me tight

Squeeze old Jerry Lee all through the doggone night

Oh you know what I mean honey I can’t stand much of this I might go plumb crazy

Easy now rrrrrrr uh huh huh

Oh you look so doggone good baby you turn me up and I don’t mean maybe

Ah ha hha ha oh honey come on now let’s go one time

Oh baby shake that thing hold me tight

I want you to hold me a little bit tighter baby all through the night

I can’t stand much of this baby oh I might go plumb crazy now darlin’

Oh hold me close that’s the way baby

Oh ain’t that the oldest beat in the world darlin’