Jackyl Mr. Evil Lyrics

Now you went and spilt your guts on the floor

About the things you think that I ignore

Can’t you see I tend to your needs

That are important

You say just hold me, but that just ain’t enough

I see through it when you call your own bluff

Can’t you see I’m just a man that’s doin’ the best I can

To make you glad that you’re a woman


You call me the bad guy yet

You love all the things that I do to you

Yea I’m Mr. Evil

Give the Devil his due

No deeds too small to go unnoticed

Good or bad, you must me punished

You’ve been a bad girl

I don’t think you ever intend to change

Why should you change

And I can see you’re certainly a woman


And all I want is for you to get what’s comin’ to ya

I’m Mr. Evil