J. Stalin Try Again Tomorrow Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Pull up in my whip, like come here lil’ mama

Not you, I was talkin’ to your partner

Yeah you, why you keep playing games?

I see you all the time, you won’t tell me your name

I just wanna know if you think pleasure is pain

Have you ever did it in the rain

Do you like D-Boyz? Do you smoke mary-jane?

I know you know my name, all the rippers talk about me

But they’ll never tell a good about a nigga

All they ever tell is the hood about a nigga

Where your boyfriend at, I never seen you wit a nigga

I know you like my swagga, cause you can’t stop smiling

I’m bout whatever you bout, so mammi what you hollerin’?

I’m in your hair, every time you pass me

Cause I can never let a pretty face just pass me

If you was my boss you can sexual harass me

[Hook x2]

I try to holla, but she don’t give me no play

I be on the block where she walk past everyday

I ain’t gotta be your man, that pussy let me borrow

She said no but I’mma try again tomorrow

[Verse 2]

I need a name, a number, and an address

You playing hard to get like you a motherfucking actress

But lil’ mama I can play that game too

I ain’t trippin’ I make women chase me too

Give it to them good, then they lase me boo

All I need is a night, all I need is a fight

Seven forty-seven, baby we could do it right

Squeeze me real tight when I’m up in the middle

I know I’m sweatin’ a lot, put a nigga of skittles

Girl I got neighbors, put your face in the pillow

Hit it all night, in the mornin’ ate cereal

Said she wasn’t a freak but you know I didn’t believe her though

I got in right where I fitted

Lil’ mama she was on me like it fitted

Yeah, she know a nigga stay kiddin’,

Say I was gon’ hit it and man I hit it


[Verse 3]

Lil mama I heard you fucking wit a bitch nigga

You pulled up in his car, and I be like you with this nigga

You need to step your game, never fuck with a rich nigga

I rap now but I use to push kicks nigga

Every time you see me I’m in brand new kicks nigga

Lil’ mama you been on my mind lately

I’ve seen you in them shorts and that ass looking cakey

You get me in a room, baby girl you gon’ rape me

Get the camera and videotape me

My baby mama, two kids couldn’t brake me

I gave you my number but you don’t ever use it

I just want you and your two-piece in the jacuzzi

See you in the turf and I’m feelin’ on your booty

I can make you feel like the girls in the movies

I stay fly in that brand new Gucci

I finally hit it and it was real juicy


[Outro x8]

I ain’t gotta be your man, that pussy let me borrow