Ingram Hill Call It My Way Lyrics

I wanna turn and walk away

I realize that I can’t stay

And now I know I’ll never see a day

When you’re not on my mind

Not on my mind


I want it how it used to be

I want the old you and me

I wanna show so they can see that any pain

Can be healed in time

Be healed in time


Call it my way

I’m not afraid to let you sleep by yourself

No change today

And I’ll never know what stops me

But if I call it your way

Then I’ll hold you

Hold my love

But I’m moving on away from this

I find now I can resist

I know it’s hard to not love you

But soon I’ll be fine

Soon I’ll be fine

[Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus]

But I’ve

I’ve let out

That I want out

But wait, wait

You’ll find out

We’ll work out this way

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]