Haken Visions Lyrics

“What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story.

And the greatest good is little enough,

For all life is a dream

And dreams themselves are only dreams…”

“We have all some experience of a feeling,

That comes over us occasionally,

Of what we are saying and doing

Having been said and done before, in a remote time –

Of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago,

By the same faces, objects, and circumstances –

Of our knowing perfectly what will be said next,

As if we suddenly remember it!”

Spirits of the night

Communicate with me

Their visions of a future

Of what is yet to be

As I see the way I die

And I try to change it

I am running short of time

I’ll just sit here waiting

‘Til the moment comes around

Like I’ve been here once before

And I’m questioning the truth

No escaping déjà vu

“There is a drowsy state, between sleeping and waking,

When you dream more in five minutes

With your eyes half open, and yourself half conscious

Of everything that is passing around you

Than you would in five nights with your eyes fast closed,

And your senses wrapt in perfect unconsciousness.”

“Dreams are real as long as they last. Can we say more of life?”

If I could harness this power

Assume absolute control

Of my visions from a future

No one will ever know

That I’ve seen the day you die

And I tried to change it

You are running short of time

You’ll just sit there waiting

‘Til the moment comes around

Like you’ve been there once before

And you’re questioning the truth

No escaping déjà vu

‘Til the moment comes around

Like we’ve been here once before

Now there’s nothing left to lose

No escaping déjà vu

Faces become strangely familiar

Stumbling upon traces of my visions

No I see a shadow of a man

In my silhouette he stands

The wisdom of my premonition comes to life!

I was just a kid back then but now I’m back to take revenge

I sternly look my killer in the eye

I’m out for satisfaction when I’m suddenly distracted

By the silent cries that echo in the streets

My finger pulls the trigger

With my whole life left to figure if the boy I accidentally killed was me

Voices become strangely deceiving

Gravity’s pull has zero effect on me

Now the moment’s finally here

And it feels just like before

Only now I face the truth

I will have to wait no more

Will this ever end?

I’ve been through enough

This is the part where I wake up with blood on my hands

Traveling back to where it all began

As for the boy, it pleased me to know

That he’ll just wake up nine years old, alone and afraid

He’ll live for the day this moment comes around again

Now the moment’s finally here

And it feels just like before

Even now I know the truth

I accept my fate no more

I bet you don’t remember me

I guess you won’t forget

The only way to go

When there is nowhere left to roam

Scenes from someone else’s lifetime

Flash like bright lights before my eyes

Scenes from someone else’s lifetime

Flash like bright lights in my eyes

From the beginning I never dreamt I was the killer

Over the edge, falling in and out of time

Yeah the moment passed us by

And it felt just like before

As I leave this world behind

I know I’ll come back for more