Gucci Mane Flight Risk Lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug]

Got so much jewelry on right now, I’m a flight risk

Got two bad bitches with me right now, these dyke bitches

While you thinking they good, on the other hand, they a flight risk

And I got so much motherfuckin’ jewelry on, I’m a flight risk

I’m a motherfuckin’ flight risk

I said I got so much fuckin’ jewelry on

The metal detector keep goin off like BRR BRR

Cause they know I’m a motherfuckin’ flight risk

And the police keep kicking down my mama door

Like “Where the hell is your son coke?”

Cause they know I’m a motherfuckin’ flight risk

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]

Gucci, Gucci, super high, baby girl, she super bi

Said she fuck with girls and guys and been like that since junior high

I bet she should recognize, she eat a dick like pumpkin pie

And her ass so B-I-G, G-I-E, she ready to die

Lesson 4: fuck like a whore or it won’t be no lesson 5

Baby got those super thighs, she can’t fuck you for less than 5

Baby got that whitewater, that super wet, that water slide

Call me talkin’ bout 69, I said, shit, I’m on Morgan drive

68 and owe you one, you hold your breath, you won’t survive

Blood red charger, homicide so someone please call Channel 5

Blood red Bentley, think that I stole it, it’s not the Jersey Drive

Droptop Rari with one shooter in it screaming “Who wanna die?”


[Verse 2: Young Scooter]

Flight risk on my birth certificate

My mama had a nigga in the kitchen

Flight risk, took off from probation

Flight risk so they don’t trust me at the label

My right wrist got my left hand hatin’

Wah gwan?, I just made a mill with my Jamaican

Ball every day and night, and catch flight

Shoot dice, rock ice, pour up lean and Sprite

Flight risk, I’m out this bitch

I ran up on JR but I ain’t seen him since

You put that rent money at risk and you gon’ get evicted

Cause if the shit don’t go as planned, don’t take another risk