Gord Bamford That’s What Grandpas Do Lyrics

Got an 8 x 10 of me and him, when I was about nine

The game was over; I was on his shoulders by the 50 yard line

He was a tall and lean proud marine with a faded green tattoo

Always had my back when I ticked-off dad ’cause that’s what grandpas do

From 55 to 65 I watched his hair turn grey

And the only time I saw him cry was the Sunday I got saved

From turnin’ a wrench to fixin’ fence, and pickin’ me up at school

To bein’ my best friend – that’s what grandpas do

He taught me how to drive, and how to survive in the woods if I got lost

And the older I get the more I see I’m a chip off a chip off his old block

He taught me how to tie a tie, put an edge on a knife, and how to sight in my 22

How to do unto others, ’cause that’s what grandpas do

He taught me not to be lazy, open doors for ladies, and look a man in the eye

Think before you speak, pray before you eat, and how to choke down your pride

He gave me my last name, this cross on this chain, and my first Red Man chew

So don’t tell your grandma boy ’cause that’s what grandpas do, yeah!

From an old Chevelle, out there raisin’ hell to quotin’ from King James

From Superman to barely can remember his own name

They go from an old jon boat with a fishin’ pole to a hospital room

Better love ’em while you can, man, ’cause that’s what grandpas do

You’d better love ’em while you can, ’cause that’s what grandpas do