Gord Bamford Rowdy Boys Lyrics

I just can’t wait

Till the weekend comes

Gonna hook up with my buddies

And away we’ll run

We might grab our clubs

Play a ’round or two

We’ll have some laughs

Call the girls when we get through


We’re rowdy boys

We like having fun

Just can’t wait til evening sun goes down

We play our music loud

We’re rowdy boys

Like to go four wheelin’

Beer on ice and steaks for grillin’ later on

Might get a little wild

But we mean no harm

Come on people make some noise

Raise a little hell (cain)

For the rowdy boys

We might drop a line

Down at that old creek

Jump off the cliff do a cannonball

Where the water’s deep

We’ll build a fire

Pass that guitar around

Motley crew’s got nothing

On this crazy crowd


[Instrumental 1/2 verse]