Gord Bamford Put Some Alcohol On It Lyrics

So your heart’s been broke

And your head is hurtin’

And the things you’re tryin’

None of them are workin’

For a guy like you

In such a blue condition

I know what you need

There’s only one prescription


Put some alcohol on it

Put some alcohol on it

It’s real good stuff

It will fix you right up

Burns a little don’t it

But you know you’re gonna want it

When you’re cut and bruised

The only thing to do

Put some alcohol on it

You don’t need to see

Your family doctor

What I’m recommending

Is a better offer

It’s a whole lot cheaper

It will heal you faster

In a while her being gone

Won’t even matter

[repeat chorus]

A little barstool medication

A little cure for what you’re ailing