Gord Bamford My Daughter’s Father Lyrics

I guess it’s human nature

Tuggin’ at my sleeve

That gets me thinking too much

’bout what I’m ‘sposed to be

I keep aiming higher

Like everybody else

Forgetting what I need to be

Is just to be myself


It’s not like everybody’s waiting

To see if I’ll go far

It’s not like everybody’s watching

Though sometimes I think they are

I don’t have to change the world

I don’t have to walk on water

All I have to be

Is my daughter’s father

She’s just like her mama

When it comes to me

Couldn’t fool her if I tried to

To her I’ll always be

Nothing more than daddy

And when she says that word

It a wonderful reminder

Of why I’m on this earth

[Repeat chorus]

A man is often measured

By what he does in life

It made mine worth living

When I realized

[Repeat chorus]

Yeah all I have to be

Is my daughter’s father