Glenn Frey I Got Love Lyrics

Woke up this morning with a smile on my face

Set up in bed, and looked around this old place

Opened the window, let the sun shine in

You see, me and my baby, we’re back together again.

Jumped on the freeway with this song in my head

I started thinkin’ ’bout the things we said

I said I’m sorry; She said I’m sorry too;

You know I can’t be happy ‘less I’m happy with you.

I got love, it’s my lucky day

I got love, gonna keep it that way

It’s the sweetest gift from the heavens above

I got you, babe, I got love.

No more staring at my blue telephone

No more pretending I like being alone

No more searching when the workday’s done

I get back on the freeway, head on home to number one

I got love, she’s waiting for me

I got love, she’s sweet as can be

She’s the greatest gift from the heavens above

OO, babe, I got love

When you’ve got love, you got to walk like a man

You’ve got to bend, you’ve got to understand

It won’t be easy, no, no, that’s not in the plan,

But if it ain’t all honey, still it’s right on the money

I got love, I’m happy to say

I got love, it’s stronger each day

It’s the sweetest gift from the powers above

I got you, babe, and I know I got love

I got love

I got love