Glenn Frey I Did It For Your Love Lyrics

Another lonely night, under the spell of a summer moon

I heard the wind sing a lonely tune, I did for your love

I waited by the shore, just one more glimpse of you, nothing more

I heard the wind tell the stars above, I did if for your love

How can I believe in love, when all that I can see

Is everything it’s done to you and me

I went the extra mile, did everything just to see you smile

Somehow I knew it was all worthwhile

‘Cause I did it for your love

The leaves will soon be turning, then falling to the ground

I’ll face the cold of Winter, that you won’t be around

Another lonely night, somehow it all slipped through my hands

Somehow I knew you would understand, I did it for your love

I did it for your love, I did it for your love