Giggs Whippin Excursion Lyrics

(Beam me up Scotty)

Whippin’ excursion

Oh shit, I’ve gotta pick up that person

In the trap house, whipping that work and

You’re not a gangster, you’re just an internet version

Whippin’ that wurzel

You know me, I’ve got the littlest circle

Mrs in the crib, you know I’m keeping that fertile

We don’t take pictures, you know I’m keeping that personal

White so clean, you know I’m flipping that Persil

Soon be the million dollar man, like I’m living with Virgil

Real shit, seen a little rehearsal

Big gun like Rick, it’s like I’m living with Hershel

Gangster, gangster

I’m with Lisa and Jackie, grab Samantha

Little bit of Drake and brang that Sampha

I’m the darkest, rap Black Panther

Man don’t powder, and I doubt man pamper

Man are real badman, unnu dat man stand for

I’m in an HSB, I went and bucked one banker

A lot of man play Ken, but man ah badman Blanka

Grab it and swerve it, turn it, grab it and burn it

Banging that Kermit, you gotta grab it and firm it

Banging that German whip, slanging that Sherman

If man has to burn then fuck it, I’m grabbing that burner

I just linked up with Buck and I’m with Alex in Berlin

Gravity surfing, cavities hurting

Man of no mercy, man have been murking

Man are just actors, man are rehearsing

And man was all talking

Now man are reverting

And now man are converting