Giggs Track 10 Lyrics

Hollowman I got the weapon to beef Gs

Drop one and let the second release squeeze

Top gun and niggas repping the streets

We block gangbangers from Peckham to E Street

Got my own straps I don’t beg guns

Got the Tec ready for whenever death comes

And when his head spun all he saw was gully niggas jumping out the whip busting off screaming red rum

Niggas mad hungry so niggas get bunned

Strip’s dead niggas living off of bread crumbs

So we press guns

Slugs biting niggas in the night like a bed bug

Tiny Boost, Young Butch get the hood kicking

North we’ll give you little bitch niggas good kicking

You know the hoods difference: niggas in your hood chicken

If one of them gets dropped I’m like good riddance

Time is money so niggas get the buj ticking

Never really had a dad, I was hood risen

Niggas living in this hood prison

We was most hated now every hood listen

Pecky gangbanger I ain’t on the hood switching

Squeeze off and watch the head under his hood spinning

Niggas better look, listen

The real talk’s got every other hood spitting

Ask Young Butch, and ask [?] how many lives that the gun took

I ask who said that, niggas gone shook

Now everybody’s looking at me with a dumb look

Back out the same time you get your buns took

I know a lot of motherfuckers wan to bun [?]

Niggas ripping up the track not one hook