Giggs The Process Lyrics

Watch that ting, just watch her

Little cocked back ting, good posture

Now I’ve clocked that ting, gon’ cost her

Let’s quickly go get a drink, let’s hit Costa

Mash up the, that’s how she likes it

Just suck off the, that’s how she mikes it

She just hop on a, that’s how she might sit

Cuh this screwdriver crush all devices

Man alla slap out the nicest

Is this pussy private? Or does it catch all di mices?

Grab alla, splash all di spices

From man grab all then, that’s alla crisis

Might hit that chick, just text it

Man hit that chick and just kept it

And when I watch Netflix, she just gets it

She didn’t ask questions, she just left it

Early session, burn the pussy, hair all messy and that

She made an early effort all early, little early brekky and that

And just a certi chick and she’s all flirting, no skirt and knickers and that

She cooking in the kitchen, she’s all naked, a little shirt and slippers and that

And she’s a bit hood ting but shows purity

And she’s a good, good ting, but no, seriously

I asked a couple questions so curiously

And then my phone started ringing, she’s like “who is she?”

That’s when the, that’s when the fun stops

That’s when the, that’s when the gun cocks

I might let go of that, let go of the gunshot

Cause that’s when the, that’s when the sun drops

So we’re a couple years down, I mean later

I just walked out the house and said “later”

There’s bare talks out my mouth, like man hates her

But then I thought couple things, and man rates her

Yeah, I can’t lie, man rates her still

You know when man’s, when man’s angry and that, you’re all fronting to the mandem with that “I’m done with it, done with it”, but you know you’re not?

That shit

Alright, let’s go back in