Giggs The Essence Lyrics

They were blocking bare, but now I’m rocking here on a rocking chair

Yeah the block is here, yeah the block is here

At the top of stairs, nigga Rocky’s here

Self centred, everybody tell me that I’m self centred

But they ain’t got a fucking clue

Another nigga gone, that’s like the twelfth sentence

Changes, shit’s much different from the dangers

Shit looks different from the neighbours

Yeah shit’s much different, it was dangerous

That was man’s bredrin now we’re strangers

We pop bang, serve a nigga saviours

I watched man begging nigga save us

And that man’s never put in wages

I’m mentally fucked

I’m mentally scarred, I’m meant to be up

I’m meant to be high, I’m meant to be chuffed

Fam I fought for my life, I’m mentally stuck

Man I jump out my chair you’re mentioning Buck

They just lock niggas up, they sent for the cuffs

Had to call up my girl and sent for my stuff

Fam the day I walked out it went through my guts

So in charge

Everybody’s watching nigga so it starts

Everybody’s watching thinking ‘Oh, we’re stars’

Everybody’s showing cards

But that’s that

Cause man’s just pussy like a black cat

And man’s just looking like a flash chap

DSquared jacket and a flash cap

I’m made for this

I came for that, I paid for this

I changed for this

I never left

I stayed for this

Fucking hell, I do this for my niggas that are stuck in jail

I do this for my niggas that got up and fell

I do this for my brothers nigga, fuck a cell

Lord thank you for your blessing man

Every bloody morning nigga I gotta get that blessing fam

Gotta bring that message fam

Peanut butter sticky get me out that messy jam

Them Giuseppe shoes won’t delay that speshy bang

We was them Peckham dudes jumping out like Peckham man

Old school

Smoking on that Method Man

Man was in the trap working all long it was late

You was in a bar out with a blonde and her mate

Bag of dots in the whip it was on, it was bait

Man would quickly pass tru, say I’m gone then I skate

I was sleeping before, now it’s on, I’m awake

I ain’t asking for nothing, I want it, I take