Giggs Gully Niggaz Lyrics

Turn up the headphones a bit

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh shit, legendary

Enemies twelve o’clock, enemies fifty-five

Tell me who on the block, tell me who is this live (who)

Tell me who’s on this job, tell me who lives this life

Nigga just popped that shot, niggas is dead this time

Gully niggas, gully niggas

Pull up and we’re running niggas

Everybody’s running ’cause

That’s what happens when you summon niggas

‘Cause a nigga thinks it’s playtime

Pull up on you dummy niggas

We ain’t really Rich and Rico

But man are getting money niggas

Man’ll pull up summertime sunshine

Pull up with them sunny niggas

Man ah man a badman Top Boy

Pull up with them Sully niggas

Man’ll just back that pap pap

Run up on you bummy niggas

Man ain’t really into the joke ting

Run up on you funny niggas

Man’ll really cop these burners

Couple of these burgers

Man ain’t really too concerned with

What doesn’t concern us

Man ain’t really too confirming

None of these vermin

I see ’em walking ’round with that trey-pound

None of them’s turning

So disrespectful

Feel so disrespected

Called up the Six God

Phone just connected

I got so many flexes

And got so many texts-es

I’m just waiting for YG

My little bro got arrested

I went home and I left it

I went home and I rested

Just wait for the bird call

I went home and I nested

Wait for the bird call

Wait for the bird call

Went to the airport

Go to commercial

Money on the table

Money on the table

Trent on my phone

Coming for the label

Coming from a life of danger

Running from the angel

Music in your bloodclart speaker

Coming through the cable

Gully niggas, gully niggas

Fuck it, fam, I’m bunning niggas

We just keep it coming ’cause

Niggas been them cunning niggas

You hear that gangster shit, son?



Bruv, big disrespect

I like that, yeah, yeah, yeah