Gabbie hanna money lyrics

You can ring it up but can you cash register this
This is all just a game and price tag you're it
We lost all common 'cents' and spent our last penny wishin'
They say that money talks but I haven't been listenin'
I could play dress up to downplay my insecurity
Crystal clear as a diamond you could see right through me
I'm gloomy so sue me what's the worst that you could do to me
I gots lots of baggage but none of it is Louis
You won't see me whipping's in a Porsche or a Lambo
All that shit feels wasted when you got no where to go, so
Maybe ill just hang out in a pretty little mansion
Filled with empty rooms that no one wants to come and kick it in

No Gucci on my shoes, I don't relate with that
My soles ain't red but my soul is black
And I bare my soul and as a matter of fact
Id rather be barefoot then sell my soul for cash
I don't have expensive taste so I'm sorry you can't buy me
It's highly unlikely so go ahead and try me
You drive me insanely crazy, I'm beside me
How you gonna love me when your heart is full of money
Trust me, its the ones who look most lucky
Economically where you wanna be but secretly are suffering
Hustling, frustrated; living in synonymy
Fortune is misfortune, an unfortunate dichotomy

See I don't give a damn about the
If all you wanna talk about is
Then people only care about your
Funny, tied up in these chains of gold
But they're still holdin' you down
Got a mouth full of jewels
But all I see you do is frown

And you feel like a fool when no one else is around
Got money stacked to the sky but you're still starin' at the ground
Body covered with scars you still cover up with Fendi
You actin like a star but we all know you're pretending
Shoes clothes chains cars the list is never ending
Broke in your heart from all the money that's you're spending

See I don't really care about the
You can take every dollar from me
Cause money will never make you happy, ask me

It really doesn't matter if you're drippin' in finesse
If your only goal in life is turn heads snap necks
Sell your soul to pay the toll just to look your very best
How you gonna save yourself when you can't even save a check