G Herbo XXL Freshmen 2016 – G Herbo & Dave East Cypher Lyrics

[Dave East:]

If you heard it from me, you oughta know it’s the truth

I’m Dominican play the Cuban when I go in the booth

Hustle and flow, all I did was hustle and sell

From the trap straight to XXL, I should’ve been here

Cigar smoke, Valentino designer swimwear

Eating swordfish, Balenciaga, like ten pair

Fashion talk, reminiscin’ when I had to walk

First Ave to Lenox, handle business, knock the package off

I told Nas I got the Prezi ‘fore the album drops

Sour got me zonin’ really thinking what got Malcolm shot

Basquiat when it comes to art

You lyin’ still looking for the wiz when it come to heart

I won’t buy it

If you a man know that men stand up

Like my mother’s mom fell I had to pick grams up

Sports, drugs and entertainment made me hit Cam up

I’m in Bermuda with a cougar gettin’ my tan up


[G Herbo:]

G Herbo, you know me

I guess that I’m a freshman now, but I’ve been an OG

It’s okay cause’ all my life it’s been someone before me

It always takes someone to step up sayin’ I’m one and only

I just been rollin, smoking let em off, and kill em softly

I used to rap for fun but now I’m getting guacamole

Niggas wanna know me, bitches wanna stop and blow me

Haters wanna see me clapped up, leave a nigga Holy

I watched them shells hit his back up let em’ kill him slowly

Them hollows’ll straighten his act up, leave a nigga Holy

Hallelujah, disrespect me boy I gotta do ya

I ride with shooters, got em shooting, this the llama shooter, don’t do it, look

In 2015, all I did was get cream

Every other day 10K like MJ I need 6 rings

You foul ass niggas hating but that shit ain’t working

Went down my first year in the finals just like Kyrie Irving

Dropped out of school ain’t take no finals, I was smoking Urban

Hopped out the van with fo nem reeking that’s that nigga Herb and

Catch me in homeroom sleeping I was off the syrup and

I kept a pocket full of faces they knew I was swervin’

Police in my city racist stopped me on the curb and

Question me, start makin’ accusations of my character

Ask why I carry so much money nigga this America

Diamonds shining, chains on tryna’ add my karats up

Know they daughter love my music, fuck around and marry her

Tryna put me in a cell man them white folks scared of us

I got them white folks on me now, them white folks takin’ care of us

Vito, Fazo on me, nah, white folks told me nah

My homies tatted on me, I told Kobe hold me down

Two 40’s all for me, and Cap that’s when I roll around

Just stay lowkey I don’t wanna have to- nobody down