G Herbo Windy City Shit Lyrics


This the windy city

We ain’t only blowing money

We got windy semis

We ain’t only throwing hundreds

We got plenty 50’s

This the windy city

Alot of niggas looking at me gon’ be pretty shitty

They seeing how I’m on my grind and feeling really silly

And all this money on my mind just screaming “come and get me”

My team gotta see me shine so they coming with me

The whole hunned 50

We from the windy city

This money relax my mind like a ibuprofen

If a nigga get outta line that’s who I be smoking

And these bitches blowing my line just cus I be stroking

Always catch me holding the nine, yes I be totting

My niggas rolling

Rolling off a triple stack

This beef ain’t what you seeking fam

So what the fuck you looking at?

You look at us we looking back

He threatened me then took it back

The smart nigga look at that

The trap is not a clubhouse

We really in here cooking that

That Audi not a shopping cart

But nigga I be pushin that

We ridin with them choppas in the stash

Don’t get looken at

And if we pull up on you we gon’ blast

Now you tooken back

I’m known to do the dash so now you chasing

And we looking back

I’m all about that cash

So I’m out here making moves

Niggas plottin I can watch em

Body language giving clues

And they only make me angry

Like they want to make the news

You a shooter, talk is cheap

That’s a statement you should prove