Fm Static The Video Store Lyrics

When I, walked in, to the room I wasn’t thinking, anything but,

Maybe I would, rent a flick that a guy would.

As I’m, talking, to myself I saw her, reach for the top shelf right

For the, faded black then I knew it was over.


I fall, apart, ‘cuz you’ve gotta late charge on my heart.

If its alright, with you, we’ll meet in the “previously viewed”.

Sometimes, I try, to replay it in my mind, but who am I kidding,

I wont forget that time in the video store.

Whoa, whoa, whoa….

(That time in the video store…)

…Whoa, whoa, whoa..

Now here, we are, in the second verse looking worse than the first,

Don’t wanna end up like my man Fred Durst,

‘Cuz he did it all for the nookie.

When she, looked up, I thought I must be dreaming,

She had the eyes of an angel even,

Think I mighta saw wings, I’m leaving…


Every, time I, think I, see you, I won’t forget that nobody,

Else could ever do what you did to me.

That night I saw you there so unexpected, I could care less, who

Else, was there, I’ve been infected


So infected by you