Fm Static All The Days Lyrics

This is the last day of our freshmen summer

Text books n essays wait around the corner

Saying goodby now to our best frieds

We’ll try if we can to get home on the weekends

I gotta run now

Go home and take a shower

We all can meet up

At your house in half an hour

I can’t get ready any faster

We better make it quarter after

Runnin through the high school hallways

This is all we’ve known untill now

I don’t evern wanna slow down

I’m packed, and I’m ready to go now

All the days we’ve been traveleing together

I won’t even look over my shoulder

Til I find a cure for getting older

Now we’ll all split up and go our own ways

Probably won’t see each other the same ways

But no matter what happens

I’ll never forget all the times we’ve had together