Finger Eleven Them Vs You Vs Me Lyrics

We left and as soon as we did I knew

There was a bad taste in our mouths

Awareness didn’t come too soon

But you finally tasted it too

It’s just another case of fucking up

A perfectly good afternoon

Every manner that I forgot

Could have helped me out of acting cruel

But I wasn’t in the least distraught

Though my jokes were bombing

I got to feeling like my timing was off

But baby that’s just not me

So as far as anyone can see

They’d be helpless not to agree

They’re driving miles between us three

It was them versus you versus me

And as soon as we drove right through

30 seconds without a word

It was then that I knew for sure

I wasn’t gonna hear a word from you

And the road became the radio

And we scowled at the beautiful trees

I was thinking of what went wrong

I thought baby it’s not just me.