Father Back In The “A” Freestyle/On Me Lyrics

Mhm, you know me


Yup, okay


Back in the A don’t get too excited

Not staying long just here to see the wifey

Archie please tell me why these niggas don’t like me

Prolly cause they bitch in the crowd like wife me, and I

Might just do it, cause a nigga so petty (C’mon)

Run up on me leave you lookin’ like Eddie Winslow

In that episode when he got his ass beat

Take my niggas then cash out at the Zaxbys

You ain’t gotta ask its on me, nigga

C’mon, it’s on me, put your wallet down

It’s on me, naw one check its on me nigga, yeah

It’s on me

Boy it’s all on me

It’s all on me

Gotta ask it’s on me (haha yeah)

On me [x8]

What you want?

It’s on me

It’s on me

On me [x5]

New shit, on me

New crib, on me

New bitch, on me

What you want it’s on me


Cause it’s all on me

Cause they all on me

Back in the A and these niggas can’t stand me

Niggas in the party mixing moet with the brandi

Keith pop a xan hit a nigga where he stand and I

Jumped in with the RKO before he land, God damn

Awful dipset boy I’m Cam, fuckin’ with yo bitch

Late night on live cam, I’m tryna’ get me a pearlescent

White lamb, without signing 360 deal to white man

Awful in this bitch can’t beat us can’t join us

Dad in this bitch so you niggas can’t son us

15 deep go head bitch nigga run up

That’s thirty hands, if you tryna know the sum of

Know I won the summer nigga you ain’t gotta ask

Don’t try to talk to me ghost of ratchet past

Cause a nigga done hit a new echelon

And I’m fuckin’ with a stripper her hair extra long

And she ain’t gotta ask its on me

On Me

Bitch got her own its on me

All on me, yea