Elhae Her Lyrics

[Alice:] I don’t love you anymore

[Dan:] Since when?


Now, just now

I don’t wanna lie and can’t tell the truth so its over

[Dan:] It doesn’t matter, I love you, none of it matters

[Alice:] I don’t love you anymore


4 AM in the morning, contemplating on life

Maybe falling back from recording

Took me almost a week to even think about writing

Forcing myself to eat, sometimes I think about dying

Maybe the worst thing I had ever felt

Every tear on my momma’s shoulder was a cry for help

And you wasn’t there

How you think I was supposed to feel?

I never thought you’d make me feel the way you made me feel

Let’s keep it real, my stomach in knots, depression creeping

Middle finger to this lesson my life is trying to teach me

Remember when you looked me in my face and said

“Don’t leave me.”

I kept my promise, now I’m left with nothing but these reasons

To hate you, I hate you, that’s what I want to tell her

Just let me say it, I say it to feel a little better

How could you do this? Huh? Claiming people change?

Firing shots at my heart with some lethal range

It’s not fair, I gave you the world and then some more

Now every night I ask myself what I’m in it for

What am I meant for? What was she even sent for?

Every single call on my phone I just hit ignore

Feeling like I’m ’bout to implode, that wouldn’t seem so bad

I hate to be that nigga where everything seem so sad

I know it could be worse, this is my life

You were my everything, you were supposed to be my wife

But forget it I’m blowing this tree into the sky

Every minute ’bout to cry and you know the reason why

You the one that’s on my mind, it sucks I don’t want you here

Because you made it clear

Yeah, you made it clear

Sipping liquor with my niggas, getting twisted out my mind

Sleeping every hour of the day, I never know the time

Blowing smoke up in the car just to get away from life

Reading scriptures on my phone, getting close to Jesus Christ

This ain’t how I’m supposed to feel, I ain’t never signed for this

God, I’m such a nice guy, you know I was blind to this

You couldn’t warn me? Let me know she wouldn’t love me back

Before I gave her everything and walked into this heart attack

Like I don’t understand, people tell me this is your plan

Why couldn’t she be in it? I feel like she made me a better man

Someone I was proud to look back at in the mirror

Now I don’t even know that person, I can’t even hear ’em

Its just hard, I ain’t trying to sound like I can’t live without her

But I just can’t stand thinking ’bout her

Every single hour

Every single minute

Every single second of the day

I just wanna go to sleep and when I sleep, I see her face

And I wake up in the same spot she used to sleep in

A nightmare would probably be a better place to be at

I’m just so sick, I’ve never been the suicidal type

But God help me as I lay my head on this pillow tonight

I need help, maybe time, maybe prayer

Whatever it is, I need it cause this burdens hard to bare

And if you ever listen to this baby, don’t be scared

It’s just life, something that you’ll probably never be prepared for

Don’t cry, cause I know how you are

I wish you well, I just wish you wasn’t so far

As usual, I end up with the loss

Hear a knock on the door, make it quick, cut me off

And I’ve been here before, I’ve been here before

And I made it out, I made it out, yeah

And I’ve been here before, I’ve been here before

And I made it out, I made it out, yeah