Dropkick Murphys Caps And Bottles Lyrics

When I was 13 I bought a scally cap

Looked up to the older guys who drank at the Rat

Couldn’t wait to grow up just to drink with the crew

Put my name on the map and have a social few.

I recall when I was small I thought I’d be a legend soon

But that was then and this is now

A harder road could not be found

Don’t get me wrong good times were had

Sometimes the fun outweighed the bad

But all in all now said and done

I can recall more bad than fun.

It’s killing me – the answers here, it’s plain to see

It’s killing me – I’m half the man I thought I’d be

It’s killing me – It’s taken years but now I see

It’s taken years but now I see

I’m not the man I’d thought I’d be.

I’d fight them all big or small,

Angel dust and bud tall

Collars up and fists the same

Protect your friends and family name

Had my lumps, received a few

But not near what I deserved

Some say this life’s my punishment

Some say this life’s my justice served.

Barracudas-scally caps, Barrell fires-sings alongs

Down the park where I belong,

Bar room brawls and Irish songs.