Donell Jones Another Life Lyrics

Baby you know I love you

But you know right now, you know it’s just getting to be too much

Ooh yeah

I really don’t wanna go


It was back in 99 I was a real nigga

Took you and your shorty in just to deal witcha

In the beginning it was rough

Cause sumtin was missing that he love

He’s always acting up

Baby I’ve had enough

Don’t need no child support cause I provided

Bought him anything that he wanted you can’t deny it

I’ve always treated him like

He’s coming between our love

What yawl got I can’t mess up

[Chorus Repeat 2x]

Maybe in another life

We can be together

Promise that next time won’t leave you ever

Maybe in another life

The sun will shine forever

With you in my life no more stormy weather

I got to walk away

Look at the big picture

A son needing his mother

Is the real issue

I’m not a selfish guy

You know I want you in my life

It’s killing me inside

Don’t wanna say goodbye

Can’t even show affection cause he don’t like it

Every time we get romantic we gotta hide it

The way we living aint right

He’s coming between our love

What yawl got I can’t mess up

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

Listen to me lady…

I can’t come between a son and a mother

It’s unfortunate that this is over

You don’t leave me any choice

This could end up in divorce

Take a nigga straight to court

This decision is the best yeah…..

And I’m sorry it had to end this way (know what I’m talkn’ bout)

In this relationship I can not stay

I can see that this is it

It aint nothing we can fix

Should be living for you kid

And maybe in another life

[Repeat Chorus]