Die Antwoord Lyrics

Die Antwoord Donker Mag Lyrics


Our father

Who art in heaven

Please watch over me


Please give me

Something to believe in

I’m either driven or crippled by these demons

Sometimes it feels like the power I wield is a blessing and a curse

And I wanna shine up on my brothers like the sun

But when my light is gone

Change to be ugly

I wanna be happy I don’t wanna hurt the ones I love

They the ones who only getting hurt the most

Please send your angels

To save me from myself

I wanna feel free

I wanna feel please

Well I can feel pleased

If I’m feeling guilty

Please forgive me

For all my sins please

And forgive them who keep sinning against me

May my enemies live long so they can see me progress

I know that my biggest enemy is me and that pain is weakness leaving my body

And if I dance with the devil in the pale moonlight it’s alright

But deliver me from evil with my soul intact

And no regrets