Die Antwoord Beat Boy Lyrics

Beat Boy

Yo Dj Hi-Tek

Drop The Motherfuckin Beat Box Dog

Bring That Next-Level Shit

Uh, Yo, For Real

That’s What I’m Talking About

Check It Out

Totally Psychic, Open Your Mind Quick As The Vibe Kicks

Moederfok It, I Skeem This Vibe’s Rou

Jislaaik Yo

Yo Yo Yo Yo Check Out This Hype Flow

I Go By The Name Of

N-I-N-J To The Motherfuckin A

Straining Your Brain Like Tv Static

Check Out The Phunky 3D Grafix

Rave Visuals, Enter My Digital Zone

As I Recite A Poem On The Microphone

I’m Scoping, 3Rd Eye Strobing, Mind Open, Sweat Streaming

Flesh Gleaming, Best Feeling, High-Energy Peaking, Deep Meanings

Freak When I See Things, Like This Chick In A G-String

Can I Touch You Friend?


Beat Boy, Beat Boy

Hit That Perfect Beat Boy

Hit That Perfect, Hit That Perfect

Hit That Perfect Beat Boy


Pump It Uh!, Yo Pump It Uh Uh!

Yo Pump It Uh!

Lick It, Dip It, Twist It, Turn It,

Pump It Uh!, Yo Pump It Uh Uh!

Lick It, Dip It, Twist It, Turn It, Stick It, Dunk It

P-P-P-P-Pump It!

I Think About You When I Masturbate

You Can’t Even Believe It But That’s Ok

On The Microphone I Fascinate

When I Let My 3Rd Eye Exaggerate

Freaky Visions, I Tell You What I See

Cold Concrete Scattered With Dry Leaves

You Naked Lying On The Pavement

People Are Standing Round With Laany Shoes

You Can Hardly Move, You Look Sexy

All Of A Sudden, The Streets Are Empty

You Stand Up, Open Your Eye-Lids

You In A Trench Coat, It’s French, You Look Stylish

You Walk In The Silence, Not Sure What The Time Is

It’s Totally Twilight, The Sky Is Violet

An Abandoned House, Look Ahead You See

Some Open The Door, Yes It’s Me

With The Meanest Penis You Ever Seen

You On Your Period, With No Tampon

You Kneel Down And Get With The Vibe

Your Period Blood Has Crystalized

You Offer Me The Red Crystal, It’s Ill

Grab Hold Of The Mic Tight, Tonight’s The Night

The Vibe Is Live, Pump Up The Base

I Got Tentacles Coming Out My Face

I Rise Into The Air Cut Myself Open

Warm Blood Pours Down All Round

I Speak From The Deep Cut In Between My Thighs

You Covered In Blood Rubbing Your Boobs, Feeling Nice


You Open The Door Step Into The Place

Look Around, Strange Painting On The Walls

A Chick On The Floor On All Fours, Totally Nude

In High Heels, The Vibes Ill

She’s Hand-Cuffed, Ankle Cuffed, Steel Collar

With A Long Lease Attached To The Ceiling

The Scene’s Appealing, Revealing Weird Feelings

Make You Forget About What You Believing

Another Chick Chilling Against The Wall

Flashing Her Boobs, Legs Spread With A Nice Vagina

And A Long Stick, There’s A Nice Big

Painting Above Her Head, Expensive!

You Check Another Chick On All Fours

Chilling Next To Another Chick Lying On The Floor

Legs Spread In The Middle Of The Corridor

Close Shave, Don’t Touch What You Can’t Afford

The Next-Room’s A Bed Room, You Become Two

What I Mean Is: You Plus Another You

You Get Down With Yourself While I Watch

Body Buzzing Like A Bed Of A Billion Bees

You Kneel Down In Front Of The Other You

Time To Learn Something New

The One Kneeling Is A Slave

Kneel For The Master

Feel The Warm Hand On The Back Of Your Head

You Got A Tattoo On The Back Of Your Neck

An Infinity Sign That Represents Your Past

Your Master Touches You On Your Tattoo

And Removes Your Tattoo, Now You Brand New

I’m Proud Of You Dear

There’s Nothing You Not Allowed To Do Here

Listen To Me, The Infinity Tattoo Is A Key

Let Go To My Rhyme And Open Your Mind


Lift Up Your Dress, Open Up Your Legs

Your Vaginas Sewn Up, Untie The Thread

My Sublime Rhyme Inside Your Head

Your Mind Is Rushing, Vagina Gushing

Another Chick In The Corner Taking A Piss

It Looks Nice, The Whole Vibe Is Totally Kinky

Look Around, The New Room Is Fancy

Remove Your Fur Coat, Remove Your Panties

I’m Rocking A Suit And A Black Face Mask

I Ejaculate In Champaign Glass

Your Precious Flesh Is So Mysterious

Pierce Your Nipples With Two Long Needles

Like A Crucifix, Take You To Another Level

While I Get My Freak On, The Vibe Is Mental

Transcendental, We Somewhere Else Now

Still Rocking A Mask, But I’ve Taken Off My Suit

You Rocking A Mask Too, Shaking Your Nice Boobs

I Tell You I Like You, You Feel My Piel

We Start French Kissing With Flippin Long Tongues

We Somewhere Else Now, You Dressed Conservative

I Transform Into A Big Black God

Feel The Realness, My Dick’s Lank Hard

You Can’t Belive It, A Dick In Your Palm

As Big As Your Arm, We Somewhere Else Now

A Hospital Uh! Get Ready For The Operation

Lot Of Guys Chilling Behind You, Blasts From The Past

All Rocking A Mask, Penises Out

Drop Your Panties For The Surgeon

“I’m Not A Virgin” It’s Not A Problem

Look In The Mirror, You Can See It’s You

You Got Two Nice Boobs And A Penis Too


The Men In The Masks Gather Round The Patient

Waiting In Anticipation

The Old Surgeon Says “Can You See This?”

“A Beautiful Woman With A Brand New Penis!”

You Klap The Surgeon, Flip Him Right Round

Bend Him Over, Lift His White Gown

Gryp The Surgeon’s Milky Butt-Cheeks

Rape The Surgeon, Break The Surgeon

Absorb You Penis Into Your Tummy

You A Woman Again, Complete With A Vagina

I’m Flipping My Rhyme Uh!

Tripping Your Mind Out

Ripping And Vipping Your Pip

Flip It Inside-Out

Now You The Teacher, You The Guide

The Real You Won’t See You Denied

You Got Crazy Sex Appeal, All Tied Up

Kneeling On The Pavement, You Can’t Say Shit

Your Mouth Is Gagged, You Surrounded By

A Thousand Guys Totally Under Your Spell

They All Totally Scared Of The Power You Hold

You Can Changed The Rules Of The Game And Devour Their Souls

Now’s The Time Girl

Let’s Head Back Into The Outside World

The World Of Others, It’s Time To Go Back

The Doors Are Stuck Shut But The Walls Are Beginning To Crack

Uh! Now The Walls Are Bleeding

It’s All Deceiving, You Soaking Wet

With No Regrets, Feel Your Body Sweat Blood

Peel Off Your Old Skin, Time To Get Love

You Arrive At The Cemetery In Time For The Ceremony

I Give You A Hot Kiss, Grab Hold Of Your Arse Cheeks

How’d You Like To Get Laid On This

Tomb Stone In The Middle Of The Rain Forest

My Gaze Puts You In A Dase, I’m Loving Your Long Tongue

Look At Your Beautiful Face, Covered In Hot Come

Spread My Wings Block Out The Sun

Lie On My Back, Scope Out Your Bum

My Penis Stays Hard, You Breathing Heavily

I Penetrate You, The Feelings Heavenly

Now Bounce Girl, You Know It’s Hot

Bounce, Bounce Girl Like, Oh My God!

Totally Freaky Deaky Phunky

Wad:E Make You Leave Your Body

Transport You To Another Dimension

You Alone In The Desert, Totally Nude

The Silence Is Violent

You Floating Above The Ground

Invisible Energies Penetrate

Every Hole In Your Body While You Levitate

You Start Coming Apart, Shape-Shifting

Wild, Out Of Control


Ghan Odn Ar

Dbir Vahniss

Dgug Rgyud

Hgyur Bzan

Bhren Sseh

Ehrsta Sugam