Chinx Drugz The Silence Lyrics


Too much ground to cover

I don’t know where to start

Can’t find the words to tell you

I don’t know where to start

[Hook – French Montana:]

What ya gonna do when them boys come

Knocking at your front door

And they want war? Oh shit!

He ain’t a rapper, he’ll kill you

My life

Niggas just need to chill

Tryin’ to live my life

But niggas wanna see me killed

[Verse 1 – French Montana:]

It was cold on that corner

Lot of my niggas gone on that corner

Now it’s floor seats, ringside by the ropes

Floor seats, playoffs by the coach

I know you hear me on your radio

I know you watch me in the video

Feds ain’t watchin, niggas tellin’

That’s why I’m Gucci, deal with Gucci

I’m ridin’ clean, look at me

Tee the blur ova lock, wicked block

I’m drinkin’ blue down for the pain

But fuck what you say, you’s a lame


So we’ll sit here in the silence

And watch the sun go down

And wonder if we’ll ever

Meet again on higher ground


[Verse 2 – Chinx:]

Lookouts on the corners, knockers on the aves

Snitches in the window, hoes sucking, giving up the info

Tryna escape thru that brown water

Play king till they gems get snatched outta they crowns

And what beef? Those are cow’s organs

It ain’t no problem, cause if it was, he wouldn’t be around walking

And fuck holding me up, I ain’t no picket sign

My closest nigga crossed me like the Mason-Dixon line

Real nigga, we on different times

Already left these fuck niggas twice, waiting on them at the finish line

Clouds dark, shades even darker

That quick you get stripped outta yo life, Mary Hartman