Chinx Drugz Lyrics

Chinx Drugz Perfect Picture Lyrics

Wherever you are, wherever you are

Wherever you are…

I’m talking wild on the cruising, wild on the care house,

They know I be moving, shawty, I’m a, shawty I’m a

Line off in the super, you know I’m in a pole crush,

Find a gang, feel a thing, no such call, nigga.

Road sipper, hoes smoke disel

Rose dipper, pose when in fact work fiction.

They cluck in my assemble, pretty in my convo

Never let them see me sweat, hoe, that ain’t a problem.

Tell ’em niggas lay down, fuck ’em with the g’s

But the zone’s how we play now, we gonna hit the skies.

Top dog cop, stay down, plucking off the fleas,

With that drop hit that block, dip it clock, dip it better man.

Disco’s what I need and we was on some speed

And we was on some pills and she was on some weed

And she knows I was on it early in the morning

Back after my paper like I was never zone it.

Exchange drugs, peace flooded flows off ripping

Got the hands out, man, the hoes gonna get you.

When that money gone, none of hoes go with you

The niggas brought it down but they don’t know my sound.

Oh, the streets are perfect pitching.

Wherever you are, wherever you are,

Wherever you are…

Broken mirrors in the crib, ’cause I’m sick,

Put a fucking camera in the toilet on some shit

Got a bunch of manicure paper in the box in the closet

Diamonds over bitch and I’m only using magic.

Rubber bands break, fly a plane

Another landscape can tell you’re pussy by your handshake.

Claim me can over the push the nanny,

Off, you granny, catch me up in North Miami.

With two dikes that play ball for the sports

All these little gubby try swimming with the sharks.

I know for swimming, I can lean it in the dark

3 60’s in the beamer where we’re chilling in the park.

She booth so much, she don’t even fall

But a body looking good in that leo tard.

She said “Bronson, I love you ’till I die”

Baby like Robocop, gun inside the pad.

It’s me.

Wherever you are, wherever you are,

Wherever you are…